The Best Pool Chemicals to Have for Pool Maintenance

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If you have a pool, it needs to have clean water and a balanced chemical composition. You must be familiar with the most common pool chemicals that can ensure its cleanliness and safety.


This is the most common chemical to use in the pool. Chlorine is a popular sanitizer that keeps algae and all types of bacteria at bay. Chlorine can be in liquid, tablet, or powder form. Once water reacts with chlorine, this results in hydrochloric acid, the compound that fights off bacteria. There’s a fun fact about chorine. Most people attribute the pool smell to chlorine when it is the lack of chlorine that causes it.

Cyanuric Acid

The sun’s UV rays can hasten the decomposition of chlorine once in the water. Cyanuric acid works as a sunscreen for chlorine. This helps to slow down the decomposition process by stabilizing or protecting the chlorine. It must be noted that there is a limit to the amount of cyanuric acid that can be added to the pool. Too much of it may slow the death of bacteria.

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These are known as polymers that have the power to coagulate particles in the water. What they do is trap particles in the pool filter. Clarifiers are composed of different chemicals, which include ammonium chloride, enzymes, and crab shell extracts.

Calcium Chloride

The pool requires minimal calcium hardness to ensure that the molecules won’t try to eat the tile and metal. It is calcium chloride that increases the level of calcium hardness.


Pool enzymes can break down oils and other non-living and organic pool contaminants.


Algaecides can be non-metallic polymers or copper-based. They all prevent the growth of algae. And when algae develop, the algaecide helps to get rid of it. To be one step ahead of algae problems, it would be best to keep an algaecide and pool shock in store.

Phosphate Removers

Phosphate removers, from the name itself, can get rid of phosphates in the water. Phosphates are considered the main food source for algae.

Stain or Scale Removers

These remove and prevent surface stains as well as colored water and scaling brought about by minerals and metals that are found in the water.

Chemical Combo Packs

You can find chemical packages that are simple kits that contain all the basic pool chemicals such as chlorine tablets, shock, algaecide, and more. They give high value for your money. They also make it easy for you to possess all the chemicals you need in one pack.


Bromine works as a great alternative to chlorine. However, it is often used in warm water like what is used in hot tubs. Hot tubs are known for having a higher level of alkalinity. Bromine is also known to work best at a higher pH level. This makes bromine perfectly effective for this type of environment.

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