Where you can Buy Native Plants

Plant nurseries are experts when it comes to the care of your native plants and shrubs. Native plants have lived in our environment for countless generations. In many parts of the country, they have co-evolved with the local flora. A good Wildtree deer food plot supplier will take the time to do research on where your selected native species originated and how to preserve their natural state. This commitment to your native plantings will ensure that your chosen shrub or tree remains at its healthy best.

Plant nurseries also specialize in the care of trees and shrubs grown primarily for shade and maintenance rather than shade. Trees can be trained to grow in specific areas in your landscape. For example, if you would like to plant a tree at the base of a large rock then a tree nursery can drill holes vertically at least six to eight feet apart to allow the tree to root for the appropriate season. If the roots are able to survive this type of planting then your tree will stay put and continue to grow. Nursery owners who specialize in these types of trees will know the right practices and methods to make sure your shrub or tree grows best.

Landscape plantings are another popular option for those seeking native plants. Landscaping is becoming more popular as many people are realizing the beauty of well manicured grasslands, dunes and open plains. Landscape plantings offer more versatility in design as well as the ability to change your mind about what plants you plant in certain areas. Landscape plantings can be purchased from a reputable landscape nursery or you can grow your own herbs, shrubs and trees from seed.

You can buy native plants from seed at a local garden center or you can purchase them online. If you purchase your seeds online, you should always make sure to do some research about the plant to be sure it is what you want. If you buy your seeds at a local garden center, they will usually have a plant guide with pictures and information about each plant. If you purchase your seeds at an online nursery, they will usually have a description of the plant along with some helpful tips and advice about which type would be best for you.

Many native plant nurseries also specialize in one specific species. If you are looking for some shade tolerant plants or trees, look for a plant nursery that specializes in those species. There are some excellent shade tolerant plants available through reputable nurseries, including the evergreen shrub Bearberry, the native California blue woodruff, or the evergreen shrub Poppies.

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