Sweet Scented Harry Potter candles

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The Harry Potter craze has not just been limited to books and movies but also to sweet-scented candles. Fitting the film’s mood perfectly, these beautiful-smelling candles will fill your room with warm Harry Potter candles scents that you can surround yourself with.

1. Harry Potter Butterbeer Scented Candle

Bring the drinks from the wizard pub into your home with this butter beer-scented candle. Like the drink, the candle releases a solid brown sugar fragrance that is so sweet and hard to resist.

2. Harry Potter Snowy Pine-Scented Candle

With a mix of pine and snow in every Harry Potter snowy pine-scented candle, this candle is perfect for winter in your home. Fitting to the atmosphere at Hogwarts during winter, this candle is so calming as it fills your room with a fresh scent and heat.

3. Harry Potter Hot Chocolate Scented Candle

Bring out the wintertime in you with a scented hot chocolate candle that evokes the warm and comforting feeling of drinking hot cocoa on cold nights. The smell is perfect for filling your home and creating an atmosphere that is relaxing and soothing to the senses.

4. Harry Potter Lavender Scented Candle

As known by Harry Potter, lavender has many magical healing qualities that are perfect for calming you down after a long stressful day.

5. Harry Potter Lemon Scented Candle

Bring forth the fresh scent of summertime with this lemon-scented candle. Perfect for filling your house with a light and refreshing fragrance, you will fill your room with the smell of lemon, which is so sweet and uplifting.

6. Harry Potter White Rose & Scented Candle

As well as bringing out a sense of resting, this white rose-scented candle will also bring you quiet. You can relax in your home with a calming sweetness while filling it with this soothing white rose fragrance.

7. Harry Potter Moonlight Path Scented Candle

A perfect way to bring forth a sense of peace and calm, this Harry Potter moonlight path-scented candle will fill your home with the scent of incense sticks. Smelling solid and trustworthy, you will feel like walking along the Hogwarts grounds at night.

8. Harry Potter Flower Garden Scented Candle

Bringing forward a soft and delicate aroma that any Harry Potter fan would want in their room, this flower garden-scented candle is perfect. Soft and sweet smelling, it releases beautiful floral notes that are very calming and completely relaxing.

9. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Scented Candle

With the robust aroma of a smokey fireplace, this Harry Potter golden snitch-scented candle will fill your home with an authentic burning smell. Smelling just like something that would have come out of a fireplace in the late fourteenth century, you will feel like you are back in the time of wizards and witches.

10. Harry Potter Apple Pie Scented Candle

Bringing forth an aroma that is perfect for fall, this apple pie-scented candle will fill your home with a scent that is so sweet and soft. Like when Ron was baking with his mother, you can still smell the freshness of homemade apples in this candle.


The Harry Potter craze has spread through every little corner of the globe. And, with these Harry Potter candles, fans can now surround themselves with the sweet aroma of the Wizard World.

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