Benefits of Welding Fume Extractors in Your Workshop

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During the welding process, certain fumes can be produced that can negatively affect your health. Studies show that the fumes can lead to several health problems, including lung damage, the fumes can also lead to different types of cancers, including urinary tract cancer, larynx cancer, lung cancer, etc. You musts be wary of this when working at your welding workshop. The fumes produced during welding can cause damage to the nervous system and even lead to kidney damage. It can equally lead to stomach ulcers and fever. You have two options: you can either put an end to your welding profession to avoid being affected by the fume or find a way to prevent the fume from affecting you. If you love your profession with passion, then the first option is out, leaving you with the option of controlling the fume. One of the best ways to control the fume is to get a welding fume hood.

How effective is it?

The fume extractor can help to control the fume produced during welding and protect you from the negative health impacts of the fume. The fume extractors feature a multi-stage filter system to create a conducive working environment at the welding workshop. The filters are made of carbon and HEPA. While the carbon filter can remove the toxic and noxious aerosols and gases, the HEPA filter can remove up to 99.99% of particulates from the workshop, making the welding fume hood one of the safest products to purchase if you want to keep your welding workshop safe from dangerous fumes that can harm you. The hood features a plenum design providing a containment area to improve retention rate of induced air.

welding fume hood

How to choose right

The amounts of fume you produce in the welding workshop can determine the particular type of welding fume extractor to buy. There are different brands out there today, but make sure you properly investigate each type before shopping. Each unit comes with a user manual that can guide you on how to uses the welding fume extractor. You will not have to go through any special installation process at all.

Shop right

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