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Buying luxury bath towels, a high-quality bath towel is worth the investment. Along with enhancing your decor and feeling fantastic, luxury bath towels will last years to come. Yet, picking the appropriate luxury towels comes down to weighing many necessary variables. Some of these such as size options and color choice are a matter of individual preference. Another basis is more objective and needs an in-depth understanding of luxury linen. The weight measurement of a luxury bath towel also matters and affects quality.

Different people find various towels comfortable, thus the ideal way to look for those you can touch them. Yet, not everyone prefers to go around touching every towel at the store. Thus if you’re unsure about materials you’re checking online. There are different basic guidelines you can follow.

luxury bath towels

Things you need to consider when buying luxury towels

  • The weave of the luxury towels

Knowing the weave of a luxury towel is necessary for making a knowledgeable decision. Towels can be fabricated in a lot of ways and each weave has a unique texture and feel. Below are the most common weaves for luxury towels:

  • A terry weave produces a softer pile fabric that is durable and absorbent. It is one of the well-known choices of weave that is made with large uncut loops.
  • A velour weave is produced using a similar process. This provides a velour towel with a velvety, soft feel, yet it does impact its absorbency.
  • Waffle weave towels are manufactured using a honeycomb formation. It also has a lightweight fabric and is ideal for kitchen use.
  • A jacquard weave is not limited or specific to any distinct loom, yet rather refers to the attachment of the loom that simplifies the created pattern.
  • The fabric of the luxury towels

The construction and fabric of the towel are the first things you need to consider when selecting a luxury towel. Various types of fabrics are used in the manufacturing process. All with qualities and can be hard to determine what fabric constitutes luxury. Below are some of the most commonly used fabrics for making a luxury towel.

  • Aerocotton
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Hydrocotton
  • The weight of the luxury towels

Another vital factor to consider in your decision for buying luxury towels is the weight. Grams per square meter (GSM), is the standard unit of measurement to weigh luxury towels. It is normally denser and heavier the towel, the more the towel is absorbent. Yet, a heavier towel does take a lot longer to completely dry it, thus it is prone to odor retention once you do not let it dry fully before using.

These are the three necessary factors to consider before buying luxury towels. A luxury towel is about looking for the appropriate qualities that will work for you and your home.

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