Comfortably Play Hockey And Win With Class

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Playing with style and playing comfortably can be hard to do at the same time but with royal hockey you can do both!

Not only their products stylish and comfortable but also durable.


Design that is captivating is one thing. Another is high-performance engineering. This is where the art comes in: mixing scientific accuracy with aesthetic precision.

They spent years building a world-class team of sports scientists, designers, and product engineers that collaborate to create the ideal stick. Ritual Hockey equipment is designed in Australia, manufactured by specialists from throughout the world, and rigorously tested by international hockey players. Every one of their products undergoes a rigorous phase of prototyping. They mean rigorously so. Crafting a single stick can take over ten hours.

Each Ritual stick is likewise tailored to a specific playing style. Their selection does not include “generic sticks.” They’ve devised a stick for low, swift aerial acrobatics and another for classic, upright players. There are separate sticks for drag-flicking specialists and goalies. It’s all about customizing your stick to your game.


The finest hockey sticks in the world demand A-Grade materials. Therefore, they take great care when sourcing. Our composite Kevlar and carbon is sourced from Dutch and Japanese aircraft manufacturers (widely regarded as the best in the world). Triple-stitched and lined with 420D Oxford Nylon, their bags are crafted from a durable Korean 1000D fabric and triple-stitched with 420D Oxford Nylon. Everything is tested and optimized, from the Silica stick faces to the hand-wound Vapor Pro Grip.

They’re aiming for perfection, but it’s not something that just happens. They have a ritualistic approach. Every day, they work at it. Each time they practice their skill, they get a little closer.

Ritual Hockey Products

The following Ritual Hockey Products are listed:


Carbon and Kevlar used in their composite hockey sticks are sourced from the world’s top composite material producers. Their Japanese and Dutch suppliers have a distinguished history of pioneering composite materials innovation and development and serving the aerospace industry.


The Korean 1000D fabric used to make their bags is renowned for its toughness and resilience to abrasions, tears, and scuffs. All high-stress areas and anchor points are triple-stitched, and each bag is lined with 420D Oxford Nylon of the highest quality. They are confident enough to offer you a 6-month warranty since they know they will last.


They only work with a very limited group of suppliers and specialized manufacturers since ritual equipment is about quality, not quantity.

They sought for the greatest glove specialists, cooperated with a leading drink bottle manufacturer, linked up with the world’s finest chamois grip supplier, and collaborated with boutique manufacturers to build high-quality luggage.


Play and dress with precision. This is the ethos underlying their Ritual gear collection. They’ve designed high-performance hockey apparel that looks and feels as amazing as it performs. Their jackets are constructed with lightweight H2XTREME┬« outer shells, which are both breathable and waterproof. Enzyme-washed to prevent perspiration and odor, and double-stitched for added durability, their t-shirts are enzyme-washed to combat sweat and odor. The branding is distinct without becoming excessive.

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