How to Adorn Your Event Tables with Centerpieces

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You can’t underestimate the impact of a simple table centerpiece in a special event like a wedding. With the use of the right table centrepieces, you can set the right tone for the wedding.

This is particularly true when you have a luxury wedding. You have many things to consider when it comes to appearance, budget, comfort, and the happiness of the guests.

Tie the Table Centrepieces to Your Theme

These items are like every other element of the wedding that offers you the opportunity to tie up to a theme and to keep all your guests involved. If you have a summer theme, you may sprinkle flower petals on the table and surrounding the centerpieces. You may also use sunflowers and place them in vases. This will mimic the beauty and elegance of the sky on a typical summer day.

Think About the Budget

Even couples who are working on a tight budget can buy table decor for their weddings at a price they can afford. It only requires smart shopping and a few creative thinking skills. You may start by choosing inexpensive flowers in bulk such as carnations, mums, and Gerbera daisies. The best of such flowers come in multiple colors. You may look for flowers that are in season and the local variety too. You must also shop in advance so you will have more time to look for different varieties. You may also avoid flowers completely. These can be substituted with lanterns, candles, feathers, beads, seashells, and others.

Consider the Guests

It’s not only the beauty and elegance of the centerpieces that you have to consider. You also have to think about the preferences and comfort level of your guests. They will be the ones seated at the tables for hours while conversing with one another.

table centrepieces

By choosing the right table centrepieces, you can make the entire experience more exciting for the guests. You might consider keeping the size at a minimum. It can be hard to see the dance floor when the centerpieces are tall and wide. You may also want to use unscented flowers for guests who have allergies.

Multiple Types of Centerpieces for Huge Weddings

When your wedding is grand and requires many tables, you may consider using multiple types of centerpieces in different sizes and composed of various materials. You may divide the centerpieces into three groups. The first group is composed of huge flowers. The second group can be made of small bouquets while the third one can be composed of non-flower elements.

Consider the Shape of the Table

You will set yourself apart from the amateurs when considering the shape of the table. The round table is worthy of only one single centerpiece. The square table has more space in the center while the rectangle table needs more than one centerpiece.

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