Tips And Tricks for Buying Second Hand Designer Handbags

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An item that possesses a higher value than usual products is likely to be copied. This means that buying secondhand is risky, especially on the internet where one has to make judgments based on a picture of the item.

Second-hand or ‘pre-owned’ designer handbags are no exception, and there is a big, flourishing market in fake bags.

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Therefore, there are a few things one can do to make an informed decision and reduce the risk of paying good money for a bad or fake bag. Let us look at them.

  • First and foremost, if a handbag is very cheap, there is a high possibility it is a fake. There are few bargains to be made these days. Anyone selling a bag can quickly search for the present value on the internet. But, some sellers might sell a $6,000 bag for $150, so if the price is similar to this low rate – check the bag as well as the seller very carefully. It may be a good bargain, but the chances are it is a fake.
  • There are many good fakes out there. There are some ‘replica bags’ sold legally, but many fakes are rip-off copies, and these are not legal, so buy consciously. An illegal copy could cost more than one can think of.
  • Designer bags are handmade bags, but even if they are not, quality is 100% guaranteed, so while purchasing one has to check on the standard of the sewing, (if the stitches are lined properly), lining, zip quality, pockets, fastenings, and the logo.
  • The majority of people who purchase second-hand designer bags will make sure that the repairs of the bag are of the same standard as the bag. So the excuses like, “it is like that because it was repaired”, should be treated as a suspect is a fake. It may be true as repairs on these expensive bags can nearly break the bank, but it is best to treat this excuse with caution.
  • All in all, usually there are great deals in the pre-owner handbag market, but one needs to know the details of the original bag to be as sure as possible that you are not paying over-the-top prices for copies.

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