What are the stationery items you need for journaling?

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When you miss out on buying school supplies every year, there is now a chance that you are now an adult journaler. You may have a notebook of your daily thoughts, or you are a bullet-type journal person. The best about stationery is you have enough. When everything runs out, no pages are left in a journal, ink in your pen, and sticky notes are gone. Whether you are out shopping for yourself or someone else, there are items you can give them. These are some ideas in the market for some new stationery or looking for a gift for someone. 


It is an obvious choice to get good quality pens for people that like stationery and journals. Only some of the pens you see are made equal, and not all look good displayed on your desk. The pens come in different colors, and it will depend on the shade you choose.

Desk organizer

Anyone that has stationery knows it gets messy. You will toss your pens, paper, and highlighters into the drawer and be lucky when you find what you need. It is why getting an organizer is essential. There are titled and raised shelves to place and organize your pens. You can position them with colors that face outward to know what you are getting. Below its organizer has a flat shelf ideal for your items when you have sticky notes, tape, and whiteout. The last drawer at the bottom can hold that will get lost when you leave it, like the erasers, thumbtacks, and clips.


teacher stationery

When you do a bullet journal, it will not be suitable for the stationery item. But for those who like to write down or love a tool, it will be best to have a notepad on your table. Some pads allow you to write your tasks or set daily goals. Using a to-do list for checklist items, you can write the things you like to finish before you go to bed. You can even list your grocery item to remember what you have to buy.

Sticky notes

Some people need to remember the things on their to-do lists. You can write notes on documents, and sticky notes are the best. When you are using them, you can make them cute. There are a set of themed sticky notes from teacher stationery where it motivates you to use it. It has a strong adhesive that you can stick in your notebook or document.


The notebook needs to manage wear and tear, but you can have it when you like it to be friendly. There is a notebook that gives you lots of style and color. Some notebooks have a cream-hued page, which helps avoid eye strain when working.

Washi tape

When you like to give art to your journaling but don’t think you are the best artist, you have to get a washi tape. It is a type of tape with designs that make adding sections easier and marking pages in your journal. You can get a video that has a wide size with different colors and patterns.

Invest in the materials you can use daily to make your journaling a little fun. These are some things that help you start your journaling career. It will be fun when you have all the essential things that allow you to become artistic.

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