What to Look for in a King Platform Bed Frame

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When shopping for a new bed frame, it is important to consider all the available features. A king-platform bed frame is an excellent choice for those looking to make a statement in their bedroom. It offers plenty of space for couples and can be dressed with a luxurious duvet or comforter set. This article will discuss what to look for when selecting the perfect king-platform bed frame for your home.

Material: Durable Wood

First and foremost, look at the type of wood used in the construction. Hardwoods such as oak, cherry, ash, and walnut are solid and resistant to damage but may be more expensive than softer woods like pine or birch. Pay attention to how thick each board is; thicker boards provide more support and stability for your bed frame over time.

Design: Classic or Modern

Modern design has become increasingly popular with its open floor plans and minimalist detailing. A modern king-platform bed frame typically features clean lines with geometric shapes that instantly transform your bedroom into an oasis of calm. Another benefit of modern design is that it combines form with function – choose one with built-in storage drawers to store extra blankets and pillows without cluttering the room.

Height/Size: Right Fit

The standard height for any platform bed is eighteen inches from floor to the top surface, but this can vary depending on personal preference. If you need extra storage or prefer higher beds, that can be achieved by selecting a taller frame with drawers or shelves under the mattress area. A higher mattress set can provide more support while sitting in bed, reading, or watching television.

Slats: Quality Support

First, the design of the slats should be able to distribute weight evenly across them. It will reduce any dips or sagging in the middle of the bed, which can happen when using thinner or poorly designed slats. Additionally, as far as material goes, look into wood or metal options that offer superior durability and stability over plastic alternatives. If you’re looking for something more flexible than wood but not as hard as metal, bamboo is another excellent option due to its natural strength and flexibility.

Extras: Headboard/Storage

The main focus of any bedroom is the platform bed frame, and if you are considering a King Size option, there are many factors to consider. But remember to take a look at the extras too! One great benefit of getting a King platform bed frame is that you can also find one with headboard storage. This type of storage makes it easy to access items like books and magazines without having to get out of bed.

Headboard storage comes in many different designs and styles. From shelves, drawers, cubbies, or even cabinets, you can find the perfect headboard for your needs. Not only does this provide convenience for those late-night reading sessions, but it adds valuable extra space for other bedroom items. As a bonus, these beds often come with additional features such as lighting or decor details, making them truly unique pieces for your home.

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