How to choose cycling clothing and what to wear

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Cycling is an ideal way to exercise, discover the world around you, and have lots of fun. Yet, many factors affect the riding experience, such as the wind, temperature, and how prepared you are. If you are new to riding a bike, you may be wondering what clothes you have to wear. With the appropriate cycling clothing and apparel, you can make your ride more fun and comfortable. This is why it is vital to know how to select the correct cycling clothes for your distinct needs. It is needed whether you’re an avid cyclist or rider circling your neighborhood that loves to cross cities, the best cycling apparel will be the main priority.

Like any other sport, there are apparel or clothing that are needed to aid you to perform better. The correct cycling equipment is the main step to maximizing your comfort and performance on the bike, regardless of your level of experience.

Know the top factors for cyclists to look for when choosing cycling clothing

When it’s time to purchase new cycling clothing, first and foremost, you have to look at the function. If you don’t prefer how the clothing feels on your body, you won’t wear it, and will gather dust in your closet. The function is necessary because there are a lot of various types of clothing. The type of fabric can affect as well the temperature control, as some fabrics keep heat better than others, and some release heat compared to others, while some do both.

Check out the most common types of cycling clothing



  • Cycling shoes have rigid soles for more effortless pedaling. Most cycling shoes have attachment points for cleats thus that soles cling or clip into the pedals. These cleats can be more outstanding and can be challenging to walk with. Yet, for the average rider, having a recessed cleat is ideal for tours, commutes, or simple casual rides.

cycling clothing and apparel


  • Cycling shorts have paddings inside and are made of stretchable fabric to protect your bottom. There are 2 types of cycling shorts, bib shorts, and waist shorts. Bib shorts are more comfortable to wear and have built-in braces, while waist shorts have elastic wristbands to avoid your shorts from sliding down. Some cycling shorts aren’t close-fitting, these shorts have a loose outer shell and are ideal for commuting and mountain biking.


  • Cycling jerseys are t-shirt shaped yet mostly have a higher neck to safeguard your neck from the elements. They have zippers as well in front that stop right by your chest. Jersey fabrics can be made of ultra-light breathable mesh, water-resistant fabric, wool, and thick windproof fabric.


  • The usual cycling glove is made of leather with a crocheted cotton back. A velcro strip to eight holds it in place or loosens it. Although, there are plenty of cycling gloves that you can check at any sporting goods store.

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