How can a menstrual cup be beneficial for women?

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You have to switch by using a moxie menstrual cup, which makes you feel comfortable and will take you a few months to adjust. However, the benefits are different, which is worth it. When you doubt using a menstrual cup, you must know its benefits.


You often experience panic when you have a period because you forgot to bring your pads or tampons. It happens mostly to women, and the best thing about using a menstrual cup is you can clean it and reuse it for many years. It means you will have it on hand when you need to use it. You can use one menstrual cup that can hold more fluid than tampons. It also means when you have a heavy flow, you will enjoy the convenience of not going to the bathroom to change your pads.

Less waste

Most people still use disposable tampons and pads that can send 300 or more disposables to landfills yearly. It can add up to more than 10,000 in your lifetime. By using a menstrual cup, you can save hundreds of disposables that will head to the dump. It makes it more eco-friendly than using disposable pads or tampons. 

Cost savings

Most women experience periods where they spend hundreds of dollars every year when they buy products. When you have one menstrual cup, it can cost you a few bucks. It will be your one-time investment, and you can use it for years. Even if you have to buy a few more for you to use, it will still save you money.

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Changing to a menstrual cup means you don’t have to experience vaginal dryness, annoying strings, and sweaty pads. It is because menstrual cups are worn, and it collects your flow than absorb it. It is detectable while you wear it and won’t absorb any natural vaginal moisture like tampons.

Non-toxic and hypoallergenic

Menstrual cups are made from medical-grade silicone with no toxic substances. These chemicals can cause vaginal pH imbalances, irritation, and other problems for sensitive skin.

Do anything

When you are on your period, you cannot dance, swim, hike, or anything, but now you can do it using menstrual cups. It will allow you to keep doing things you like, even during your period. Many comments that they forget they are on their period when they wear the cup. When they wear the cup may need to set the alarm to remind themselves to change their cup to avoid infections.

No more odors

Once your menstrual blood comes into contact with the air, it will oxidize and smell. It will happen when you are wearing pads. The menstrual cups are worn inside the body, and you don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors that can escape from below. When your cup can smell when you remove it, you remove it by cleaning it well or soaking it in a solution. With a strong odor on your cup, it will not go away after washing; it is when you will be alarmed that it can be a sign of infection.

Using a menstrual cup can help you save money and is eco-friendly. You can feel uncomfortable, but it is normal because you are still adjusting to using it. It will be convenient for you to use a menstrual cup because you can do anything you like, even if you have your period.

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