Check this guide for buying a punching bag

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Choosing the appropriate Fight Gear Direct’s punching bags is the key to enhanced workout performance and success in your home boxing training. You should consider investing in an adjustable punching bag if you search for workout ideas that combine cardio, strength, and agility. Punching bags come in various materials and fillings making it vital to check if the punching bag is appropriate for your level of expertise. Punching bags are known as the most necessary sports accessory for getting training for keeping focus, enhancing kicking strength, and learning counter-striking.

Know which type of punching bag is great

Ranging from the various types of punching bags to the features like material, size, and weight, you have to know everything whenever you get one for yourself. They have their pros and cons and the best one for you depends on your needs. The main thing you need to do is to identify where your training space is and what kind of punching bag is ideal for your space. Below are some of the various options you can select from:

  • Speed bag
  • Heavy bag
  • Free-standing punching bag
  • Boxing bag with stand
  • Hanging punching bag

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Know what to look for before buying a punching bag


  • It is necessary to check your space before you order to ensure that the punching bag you are choosing will fit. A heavy bag will need a lot of swinging space, whereas a standing bag won’t require that much space. It is also vital to check if the bag you are purchasing needs to be attached to something or not.


  • When choosing a bag, you have to ensure you pick the correct weight. Boxing bags must be at least half of your body weight. This is to ensure you are getting a great amount of resistance from it as well as letting you ample give when you hit it to be safe.


  • If you are purchasing a heavy bag, it can come with a lot of types of fillings. When searching for a heavy bag, fillings types can range from things like sawdust and sand to rags, all of which are ideal options. The thing to consider is which would you like and maybe even which is great for the environment. Rags are much great for the environment as it saves waste, yet they mold better when trained and also feel firmer. If your bag splits, they are also a lot messy.

Bag Stability

  • Your boxing bags must be stable, they usually come with links, chains, and metal pivots to ensure stability. Always check the links and chains are made of great-quality metal for your security. You must have a stable punching bag to improve your striking technique.

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