Qualities to consider when buying a new helmet

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A motorcycle helmets is the most needed riding gear protection, it is necessary to look for the appropriate type of helmet as your life relies on it. There are different grades of helmets available in the market nowadays. Alongside proper boots, leather, and gloves, the helmet is vital in protecting the body while riding a motorcycle. The helmet is a key factor in lessening the risk of severe injury and a little bump to the head. The right helmet will save you from extreme conditions in an effective manner. It is highly recommended to look for helmets with utmost care and must focus on some necessary factors.

Qualities you must consider when buying a motorcycle helmet 


  • You must always ensure that the helmet must be as light as it can be. It might not be comfortable when riding for a longer period if it’s overweight. Sports helmets generally are lighter at 1300-1600 grams, while adventure helmets or dual-sport are heavier at around 1800-2000 grams. Also, you need to make sure that your next helmet must be balanced nicely and the weight must be distributed well across its structure.

Safety Rating

  • The most vital quality of a motorcycle helmet is the kind of safety it gives in case of a crash. This is identified by the safety rating that a helmet bears. Always ensure that the helmet you want to purchase in the future has at least a safety rating from ECE, SNELL, and DOT.

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Locking Mechanism

  • Helmets usually come with 2 different types of strap locks, first is the regular one-click lock that is seen on affordable helmets and the second one is the Double-D lock. The former strap lock is made in a way that the helmet will not come off even on a high impact.

Air Vents

  • The helmet must have great air ventilation for around cooling effect. Though your helmet healer will not let you test the helmet out on a ride, you can still have a fair idea by gauging its vent size. Also, the number of vents given for the air to pass, all good-grade helmets normally have decently working vents, yet some helmets are very good at it. Sports helmet have vents higher on the forehead that is made as per their hunched-over/ sporty riding position.

Fitting and Internal padding

  • Various helmet companies created their products differently using their patent technologies and continuous developments and research. Helmets differ in terms of external design, shape, internal paddings, and structure. Two helmets of similar size, from different manufacturers, fit differently. That is not because they have various size standards yet because of their distinct shape and internal paddings. Thus, always ensure that you try a helmet by visiting a helmet store than buying it online.

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