Have You Ever Tried Commercial Cleaning Chemicals?

Have You Ever Tried Commercial Cleaning Chemicals?

Knowing the different types of commercial cleaning products and chemicals is essential for someone who wants to buy them. There are many kinds of commercial cleaning chemicals, both readily available at stores and needing to be specially ordered from a company specialized in such products.

What are cleaning chemicals and what are they made of

Commercial cleaning products are just like any other cleaning product; they are made up of ingredients that can be both good and bad, depending on your needs. Choosing the right chemicals for use in your commercial cleaning projects is essential.

1. all-purpose-cleaners

They are made up of surfactants which are used to suspend dirt and soaps, as well as help to remove grease from a variety of surfaces. Surfactants are available in liquid or powder form. Surfactants will also be used to clean soap scum off restroom walls, floors, sinks and other wet surfaces with soap residue.

2. Furniture cleaners

It can be used on wood or metal furniture for commercial buildings. These cleaners should contain ingredients that won't leave stains or streaks on the table after being sprayed with the commercial cleaner

3. Glass cleaners

They are used for cleaning glass and mirrors to make the surfaces more reflective. Glass cleaner has ingredients that help to remove smudges, dirt, oil and grease

4. Degreasers

It can clean floors, walls and other hard surfaces such as countertops. Commercial cleaning degreasers help to lift residue of food or dirt that is stuck onto surfaces. Using a commercial degreaser will help one clean with as little effort as possible

5. Grease traps

Grease traps are used in restaurant kitchens to prevent food grease from entering the pipes or sewers underneath the restaurant. Grease traps help capture the oil before it goes through the lines and are disposed of properly

commercial cleaning chemicals

6. Hand cleaners

Hand cleaner cleans people's hands to remove dirt, soil, and grime. Hand cleaners can contain alcohol which helps to remove bacteria from the skin

7. Industrial drain cleaners

They are used to help unclog sinks and clogged drains in commercial buildings. Drain cleaners are designed to break down food products that are blocking a drain

8. Toilet bowl cleaners

They are made of harsh chemicals that help disinfect a toilet bowl. These toilet bowl cleaners usually contain a substance that helps break up the solid matter in the toilet after it has been flushed; this will prevent the solid case from being washed into the septic system or sewer system

9. Textile cleaners

They are used to clean or remove dirt and stains on cotton fabrics. These textile cleaners contain toxic chemicals and acids that can vaporize volatile organic compounds that are otherwise known to be hazardous to a person's or animal's health.


Commercial cleaning Products can be both environmentally friendly and highly effective in removing dirt, grime and graffiti. These commercial cleaning chemicals are made up of surfactants which are used to suspend dirt and soaps, as well as help to remove grease from a variety of surfaces. Surfactants are available in liquid or powder form.

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