The Annoying Problem of Head Lice and Ways to Treat It

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You’ve been plagued with head lice and have done your best to eradicate the problem. You take over-the-counter drugs, stay indoors and away from other people, and clean frequently. After a few weeks of relief, though, you notice that your head lice have returned. Lice are a particularly tenacious pest problem. After making every effort to get rid of them, your head lice keep returning for the following reasons.

When you interact with someone who has head lice, you risk contracting it yourself.

Do not discount the power of head lice. It’s not easy to get rid of them because of how firmly they’ve anchored themselves in your mind. They won’t disappear if you comb them or wash your hair. However, these unwanted guests do occasionally escape and can be found in unexpected places like the aforementioned couches and decorative pillows. Combs, caps, towels, and other hair accessories can also pick them up. Don’t exchange belongings with someone you know is infested. You should also keep the infected person’s belongings away from anyone else’s. The infected person’s towel, for instance, should be hung up in a different location than the rest of the family’s towels.

Your loved ones keep infecting you with head lice.

Head-to-head contact is a major vector for the propagation of this parasite. Because you share a roof, it’s only natural that you and your loved ones are continually bumping into one another. This means that you probably infected at least one member of your household with the insects. Head lice are transmitted often from children to their moms. It makes no difference if you have actually gone through treatment several times and been successful in getting rid of the pests in your mind. If you have already given some of them to members of your family, you cannot eradicate them. The whole family will take turns passing them around. You can avoid this by not sharing a bed with your loved ones at night. Be wary of resting your head on the couch or any squishy cushions. There’s a chance you’ll bring head lice with you. These hitchhiking creatures can be passed on to the next member of the family who sits on the couch.

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Your friends could be giving you head lice.

Friends are the people you’re most likely to interact with outside of family. When they see you, they might give you a big embrace of welcome. They could potentially peek at your phone from behind you. You and your pals can bump heads in so many different situations. One of the reasons you constantly getting head lice is because of this. Your infected buddies keep giving it to you. If you or a friend has been infected with these parasites, it’s best to limit your interactions with them until they’re gone. Keep in mind, too, that head lice can’t hop or fly. You shouldn’t avoid this individual as if they were the plague. Transmission can be prevented simply by avoiding physical contact. Stay away from sleepovers and other social gatherings that may force you to interact with others.

You have super lice on your heads.

Even if you strictly adhere to the treatment plan, stay away from other people, and thoroughly clean your home, you may not be able to get rid of the head lice. You might have super lice if this is the case. The same active components in insecticides have been used to combat these parasite insects over the world for decades. Some degree of resistance to standard treatments, especially over-the-counter shampoos, has already emerged. Misuse is also to blame to some extent for this. If a person with head lice has only used the shampoo once, for instance, it is possible that just the adult lice have been eliminated. Those that are more resilient may be able to reproduce within the host’s brain, leading to an even more severe infestation. Used shampoo may lose its effectiveness over time.

If over-the-counter remedies are no longer effective, it may be time to see a doctor for a prescription of something stronger. This head lice prevention spray may only be a short-term solution, but it’s worth a shot if you’re desperate.

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